Pink Bug

Hal is proudly standing by his award winning 1977 Beetle, but he isn't fooling anyone. This is his wife, Kathie's car. This bright pink VW is a real crowd favorite. All of the kids love it and it gets a ton of attention where ever it goes. At it's first show it topped a Ferrari for a class trophy!

The car is painted a 1955 Ford color called "Tropical Rose".
We installed disc brakes and a HD front sway bar to make sure the car could handle the increased power.

Once the paint was stripped off we could see that the body was in rough shape. Even the frame (floorpan) had holes rusted thru it. It took a lot of time to get the frame and body looking like new again.

The interior has custom monogramed (K for Kathy) upholstery with color matching piping. VDO gauges are mounted in the dash and a vintage air unit hangs under the dash. When was the last time you saw a VW with AIR??

150 Horsepower is a lot for only 1955ccs. This air cooled engine is stroked and bored. We installed big valve heads, dual carbs and a Scat cam to get this amount of power.