1970 442

This 1970 Olds 442 belongs to a local professional athlete. He hired Classics Plus to build this muscle car to his specifications. He wanted plenty of legroom and lots of horse power. He got both! This modernized classic has over 500 HP and an interior designed to his specs. He says he, "Loves the car!"

Cars that are from this era usually need a lot of bodywork. We erased years of neglect and poor repairs. We even had to replace major parts from a salvage yard donor car.

High power muscle cars need the running gear to match. We have years of experience in building drive trains compatible with power the customer wants.

When you start from here - the end result is all the more impressive. The custom upholstery and driving position were carefully planned. The interior looks period correct but is all custom!

A 560 HP plus Olds engine is a cranky beast. We replaced the four barrel with a FAST FI unit and tuned it for drivability without losing any power. It starts and idles good but has tremendous low end torque!