1964 1/2 Mustang
We restored the Mustang to near-stock condition. Originally it was brought in with driveability issues, but as we cured problem after problem it was soon evident that a major overhaul was needed. The owner wanted an absolute stock looking car with an upgraded drivetrain. This mild Reso-Mod was the answer.Click Here for Gallery

Both rear quarter panels had to be replaced along with the floor. There was extensive body work needed to salvage this mustang. The high quality metal work and paint make this one sharp Mustang.

The entire suspension was rebuilt and upgraded. The stock steering box was replaced with a Flaming River rack and pinion unit. The front brakes were upgraded to discs.

The goal was to maintain an original appearance so a stock upholstery kit was installed. An upgraded sound system from Custom Auto Sound made the tunes sound better and the dash look like it did in 64!

The stock 289 was rebuilt and given a mild boost in power. The 280 horsepower small block is now coupled to a T5 five speed transmission. Diveability problems are cured for good!